Mind and body top tips

Let’s assume that you are already aware of and practicing the standard recommendations to be healthier: exercise more, eat well and sleep enough. Those practices can help you build stronger foundations and are certainly important, however, there are also other quick and effective practices which you can start doing today to look after your mind and body.

  1. Mindful breathing.

Breathing is something that although we can control, we rarely do if we get busy with work and life. However, as soon as you become more aware of when you are breathing less and shallow, you can change it straight away. It does not cost you any time and the effects come quickly. Not only will you get more oxygen around your body and move your kidneys but you will also have more energy. Deep breathing triggers the relaxation response, which will result in you feeling more calm, in control and relaxed. Do this consistently so that it will become a new habit and with time it will make you look and feel younger.

  1. Go to a place of worship

You don’t need to be religious to go to a place of worship and to reap the benefits of the peaceful environment. Houses of worship are so calm and have such relaxing energy even though they may be in the middle of a busy area. Stepping inside even if just for five-10 minutes will ensure that you walk out feeling much more in touch with your body, more relaxed and resilient.

  1. Do more of what makes you feel good and enthusiastic

We often forget about ourselves while looking after the needs and wants of others. However, looking after yourself means that you regularly engage in activities that make you feel really good and ones you are enthusiastic about. The biggest energy drainer is doing something you don’t enjoy or aren’t passionate about. While there are many things like that in most people’s lives, which you can’t just stop doing, there is nothing stopping you from doing something you are passionate about. It will boost your energy, release happy hormones and perhaps unfold a new path for you. infinism.




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