Wilson’s World – an introduction

Meet Wilson. He is a dog. He leads a fascinating and exhilarating life, meets all kinds of fascinating dogs and their owners and thinks deeply about things. He hopes to inspire people to find their own inner dog. His master thinks he suffers from grandiose self-belief and Acquired Situational Narcissism (ASN) which means you’re born normal but all those likes on Instagram went to your head and now you think you’re Taylor Swift. But what do humans know? Thinking about thinking is not what dogs do. Dogs live in the now, when not sleeping. They strive for greatness, but appreciate the smaller things in life, such as fluffy personalised dog bone pillows by L.L. Bean (n.b. Wilson does not endorse any product unless he really likes it and it has his picture or name on it.)

Wilson practices gratitude, especially when it drops on the kitchen floor because his careless master can’t handle a knife properly. He never compares himself to other dogs (unless favourably.) Wilson is not for one for self-reproach though he still thinks about that time he chewed his master’s limited edition leather chair from Milan. He practiced forgiveness and got over it.

If only everyone were more like Wilson. helenkirwantaylor



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Wilson’s World

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