Wilson’s World

Wilson read in one of his many self-help books that it is important to do something that scares you everyday. Have you ever tried a Goofie Foot Frontside Rotational Grind? Apart from being super scary, it also challenges the laws of gravity. Wilson met Sergio, his Brazilian teacher (above) at the Meanwhile Gardens Skate Park next to the canal. Sergio left Brazil because he said it was too scary which sort of confused Wilson. Normally, Wilson’s reaction to fear is to reach for a beta-blocker or a Xanax but in this instance, with Sergio’s encouragement, he overcame his fear to perform his first Tandem McTwist. Sure, some dogs have skateboarded before (big woof) but Wilson bets they don’t know their Ollies from their Nollies like he does.

Editor’s comment: The Wilson Frontside Directional Kick-Flip Air was created shortly after this post went to press.

Wilson’s World is the story of a Notting Hill dogebrity written by journalist and multimedia artist Helen Kirwan-Taylor. helenkirwantaylor


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Wilson’s World

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