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What will happen to literary culture in the wired world? Is the right/left political divide otiose (serving no practical purpose)? Is it possible to enjoy the city without money? and What is the nature of consciousness? These are just some of the questions that Will Self will be asking himself and then answering. So he has had a sneak preview of the interview questions and should be able to answer them quite well, him being the author of six collections of essays, six short story collections and ten novels. He a prolific and brilliant journalist and sometimes (allegedly) snorts a line of Charlie in aeroplane loos to make the journey less tedious. Its called the Six Mile High Club. Self is the Chair in Contemporary Thought at Brunel University. It’ll be a really interesting and thought provoking evening. Have a vodka for each time he lobs in a tricky word like omphalos or numinous or casus belli. The Tabernacle, Powis Square, 5th March, 7pm – 8.30pm. Tickets £25  howtoacademy

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