Welcome Home Lucie

The 229 club hosted the very talented Lucie Silvas’ first gig in London for around eight years on Thursday last week. She showcased songs from her new album ‘Letters to Ghosts’. This collection is musically sophisticated. The time and effort gone into creating it was evident. There was a sweet darkness running through the songs that contrasted so beautifully with the very joyful atmosphere and a clearly delighted Lucie. She stated ‘This could be one of the best nights of my life.’
Tracks such as ‘Victim’ & ‘Shame’ were dramatic and filmic. You could imagine one of them as the title track to ‘True Detective’ or something like that. Old favourites such as ‘Stick with Me’ and ‘Breathe’ reminded me why Lucie has such loyal fans and radio play. They have missed her and were glad to have her back.
Covers of Roy Orbison’s ‘Anything you want’ and ‘That’s Alright Mama’ were a homage to her new life stateside. She told me
“Living in Nashville now there are lots of things I miss about London – first and foremost my friends and family – but I also miss parts of London like Notting Hill. It’s always been one of my favourite parts. The shops and restaurants are amazing and you can easily spend a wonderful lazy day walking around at your own leisure. It’s magical.’
It certainly felt like a great welcome home party for the beloved sister who’s visiting after a long period away. She promised to return soon. She will do, even more triumphant. She has great songs, a great voice and loyal fans. The new album is going to be one of the most welcomed and listened to albums of 2016. luciesilvas

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