£5,000 lost in telephone scam

images-2Criminals are getting craftier, here’s a scam to watch out for that police say is happening at least twice a week. A single mother living in Notting Hill received a phone call at 10.30pm from ‘Holborn Police Station’. The ‘policeman’ knew her name, address and her bank and asked if she was alone in the house. He told her they had apprehended an armed burglary and that copies of her cards had been found on the ones they arrested – meanwhile others had got away. The ‘policeman’ repeatedly told her not to be alarmed and that they were sending armed back up in case the criminals tried to break into her house. They told her to ring her bank to cancel all her cards, which she did. Her bank took her through security and offered to send a courier round to collect her cards so that they could check for fingerprints or signs of tampering. They also offered to take any of her valuables to store which she declined. The courier, a trustworthy seeming woman, arrived and collected her cards. Meanwhile the ‘bank’  kept her on the phone the whole time and repeatedly told her not to panic, thus alarming her and preventing her from thinking with a clear head. By keeping her on the phone they were able to use her cards to withdraw £5,000 from various cash machines around Notting Hill. When her son came home, he realised it was a scam.

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