Video City to shut doors… NOoooooooo

After 30 glorious years of supplying amazing films to the Notting Hill neighbourhood Video City plans to – with a very heavy heart- shut its doors on the 24th June. Locals have been so appalled by the prospect of life without this movie emporium they have banded together to persuade the owner Simon to stay afloat using a membership scheme to try and boost his bottom line and cover the £26,000 levied as rates by the Government. If you would like to help, drop a cheque into the shop asap for £260. This works out as £5 a week and join the film club. Oh and leave your mobile number, email and agree to a five year membership, the length of the lease on the shop. Simon says:“ I am overwhelmed by the reaction I have got. A big source of delight is my interaction with the local community. People have been overwhelmingly kind. I have had falling revenues, the real problem is footfall.” For what is worth specialist shops like this are what we all want, anyone can go on-line for bog standard products but for the range of films, advice and knowledge you can get in this slice of Notting Hill Gate is definitely worth a fiver a week. Mover over net flicks meet NOTTflicks. videocitylondon

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