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Firstly a couple of new TV shows from across the Channel to get your teeth into as the evenings draw in – the darkly comic and entertaining P’tit Quinquin (in Pic) from Bruno Dumont that opens with some human body parts found inside a cow …… ‘ Broadchurch’ meets ‘Breaking Bad’ in northern France is one way of describing it but you will just have to trust us on this one.

Witnesses was released on dvd on October the fifth and is a solid show that starts with a series of grisly murders and the bodies are left in a show house with the former chief of police implicated ….. we like what we’ve seen so far.

Next, a couple of foreign films that must be seen, starting with the moving and powerful Oscar nominated Timbuktu – a rare insight into the dangers and horrors of religious extremism, beautifully shot and great performances to boot.

On a lighter note the wonderfully dark but hilarious Argentinian Wild Tales. It is a collection of six short films that focus on what it takes to make us go over the edge in our daily lives …. highly original and genuinely funny.

Also worth a watch is Force Majeure in which a family faces the threat of an avalanche during lunch on the slopes – but it is the effect on relationships within the family that gives the film its worth.

I must mention a couple of must-see documentaries too – the first is the Oscar winning Citizenfour which is a really gripping account of the activities of the now, infamous, Edward Snowden and one of the most compelling documentaries that I have seen.

Salt of the Earth – the acclaimed documentary by Wim Wenders on the hugely talented photojournalist Sebastio Selgado. Wim Wenders is accompanied by Selgado’s son, Juliano, who provides an extraordinary insight into his fathers exceptional talent.

For those who like their movies not quite so high brow what about Mad Max – Fury Road. I am not often a fan of re-makes but this is a rollercoaster of a re-make with the excellent Tom Hardy and the enigmatic Charlize Theron. You won’t even have time to blink so sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Video City recommends

Firstly a couple of new TV shows from across the Channel to...
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