Urgent please support local bar

Support the historic Ground Floor Bar and First Floor Restaurant in its appeal against restrictive changes to its license by writing to to the licensing committee at [email protected] and copy in the bar – [email protected] Letters need to be received by the beginning of April as the appeal will be heard on 15th April.

One neighbour, literally one, who has been there for around 15 years, began complaining two years ago about the noise. This has resulted in the venue’s license being rewritten to say they are allowed no more than ten people outside the bar at any one time (hopefully that doesn’t include general footfall) and they have to shut the restaurant upstairs at 12pm instead of 1pm. As a result of the complaints the pub has had to cancel all its musical events and put sound proofing devices throughout the building which essentially switch off the base resulting in a bit of tinny sound. Costs including legal bills, sound reports, insulation, cancelling DJ events and more have mounted and could force the bar to cease trading. In 17 years of running the pub the current management has had no complaints except from this one resident and has always tried to be part of the community. Since 1870 this building has been a hostelerie and is very integral to the whole market scene. Surely if you buy a property on the Portobello Road noise is one of the hazards. Can one individual really shut a business with 25 employees and a huge following in the community? It seems bonkers to me. firstfloorportobello


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