Urgent: Check the proposals for the Westway and have your say

Look on-line as soon as possible at Westway Development Trust’s (westway) proposals for a new improved look for the Westway area between Ladbroke Grove up to and including Acklam Village and send your comments or questions to them by Friday 20 March. They aim to ‘create a multi-use development, which is true to the unique cultural heritage of Portobello…and which will benefit the local economy and community’. For example, a civic building with a roof garden will replace the canopied area where stalls holders currently sell their wares; glass fronted shops along the walkway to Ladbroke Grove, are aimed at attracting more people and more retailers. Plans and drawings are available under “Portobello Village/Westway Space’ clic on the link above or below.

Notting Hill Post comment: The canopied area will go to be replaced by units with a roof, very worrying, please have your say at  westway

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