Roses for urban gardens

Roses are often neglected and certainly not at the top of the shopping list when it comes to town houses and urban living – the perception is that roses are only for the country gardens and municipal parks and yet the versatility of the English Roses helps to defy this myth.

English Roses, with their relatively short, compact growth and long flowering season, are the perfect choice for smaller gardens.  They will mingle beautifully with herbaceous plants, bringing weight and structure to small cottage garden-style borders or formality to contemporary, minimalist spaces.  Their natural, bushy growth also makes them ideal for growing in large pots and containers, bringing character, colour and fragrance to small balconies, terraces and patio areas.  They also make impressive statements when flanking a doorway or entrance. Choosing a single colour English Rose and planting in a contemporary large pot either side of a doorway will immediately create an impressive welcome particularly, with their
fragrant blooms.  Alternatively, swap the standard bay tree for a wonderful English Rose standard providing fragrant blooms at head height as you return home each day.

Tess_of_the_d_Urbervilles_Clg_1_2Some English Rose varieties can also be trained as excellent short climbers, which maximise small spaces as well as camouflage unattractive exteriors without being too tall and so are easy to manage.  Their flowers also cascade from the top to the base of the plant, providing both colour and fragrance, like Tess of the D’Urbervilles (left).

English Roses are easy to grow and remarkably tolerant.  Locate in a position with a minimum of four hours of sun each day; water well; feed twice a year and prune in January or February.  You, your friends and neighbours can then sit back and enjoy their repeat-flowering, fragrant  blooms during the summer months.

Just some of the English Roses recommended for small, outdoor areas include: Charlotte, Darcey Bussell, Harlow Carr, Lady Emma Hamilton, Olivia Rose Austin or Tranquillity (above top). davidaustinroses

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Roses for urban gardens

Roses are often neglected and certainly not at the top of the...
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