Turning Japanese on Westbourne Grove

Wasokan is London’s first authentic Japanese kimono, accessories and matcha tea retailer, passionate about spreading “wa no kokoro”, the spirit of Japanese harmony to the world. It is here on Westbourne Grove and opened last week on 19th January. Pop in and look at the beautiful silk Kimono which come in ten styles and start at around £1,000. Wasokan holds in-store “kitsuke” lessons to teach people how to wear both traditional kimono and to share styling tips for new generation kimono. Wasokan also has a Japanese café and runs tea ceremonies in-store. Its plain wood café counter (“shiraki”) is designed for drinking green teas while standing (think Italian espresso culture). Green teas are whisked at the counter by a skilled matcha barista (“teishu”) and you can choose from matcha; iced matcha; matcha au lait; iced matcha au lait; homare tea, which is a Japanese green tea produced from Rokucha leaves that are steamed and dried but not fermented; and houji tea, which is low in caffeine and tannins and is made by roasting Bancha green tea leaves over charcoal. The Wasokan café serves a delicious selection of Wagashi (Japanese confectionery) including Monaka (Japanese wafer cakes filled with red or white bean jam). Prices start from £4.50 for a pot of homare tea, £5.50 for a cup of matcha and £7.50 for a selection of monaka. wasokan

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