Tree tings you can do with it

Lots of dead Christmas trees have already been lobbed onto pavements outside peoples houses. Here are a few more friendly options:

1. RBKC has a dead Christmas tree pick up service. You pop your tree outside your flat/house/shed on a specified date and it will be collected by a kind person in a truck. Here are the days, you have to scroll right down to the bottom of the street list to find out which colour coded day is for you …

2. You can get lots of spiky pine leaves in your car, or you can drag it behind your bicycle. Either way, you can drop it at a collection point christmas-tree-recycling these include

  • Sainsbury’s, Canal Way (off Ladbroke Grove) W10
  • Little Wormwood Scrubs (Dalgarno Gardens entrance) W10
  • Kensington Memorial Park (St Helen’s Gardens entrance) W10
  • Talbot Road (in front of the church at the top of Colville Gardens) W11
  • Cornwall Crescent (junction with Clarendon Road) W11
  • All Saints Road ( junction with Tavistock Road) W11
  • Pembridge Square (entering from Pembridge Villas) W2
  • Kensington Park Road (on the corner of Convent Gardens) W11
  • Holland Park car park, Abbotsbury Road W14
  • Palace Gate (at the junction with Kensington Gate – near the sculpture) W8
  • Ifield Road (at the junction with Finborough Road) SW10
  • Campden Hill Road (between Phillimore Walk and Duchess of Bedford Walk) W8

3. The most difficult one this. You can compost it yourself. How in your tiny Notting Hill garden? I have no clue but I think you can chop the branches off and lay them over your dahlias to protect them from snow, if any falls. Also, as the leaves fall off, they make a great mulch and you can turn the rest of the tree into a coat rack.

You are supposed to do this on 5th January, when the Wise Men visited Jesus, Epiphany. So hold your horses.

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