Tour Fuller’s Brewery

Take Pride – is a phrase that rings in the ears of London Pride drinkers – most of whom will swear that the closer you are to the brewery in Chiswick the better the brew tastes. For Pride drinkers this is great post Christmas treat for January – anyone over 18 and with a passion for Pride can book, for a mere £10.50, a tour round the brewery. Fuller’s runs up to 20 tours each week, all led by expert guides who aim to give you a fascinating glimpse into British beer-making history. The tour lasts around one and a half hours and culminates with the highlight: a tutored tasting of some of Fuller’s finest ales. Meet at The Mawson Arms pub on the Brewery site – as close as you can get so the beer will be at its swilling best. Enthusiastic guides take up to 15 people around the working Brewery, explaining the processes involved in the beer making that has taken place by the Thames for hundreds of years. After the tour, the Hock Cellar hosts a tutored tasting where you will discover Fuller’s wide range of cask ales and kegged products as well as being free to roam around the museum and Brewery shop.  fullers

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