Three keepers at the Lyric

For ages 6-11 year olds, Three Keepers is playing at the Lyric in Hammersmith on 16th April. Two shows at 11am and 1pm (post show workshop afterwards) will take you to Flounder Rock Lighthouse, where three men live and work, battling the elements and the long lonely night watches, with only each other and the seagulls for company. It’s Young ‘Arry’s first day as a lighthouse keeper, he’s dreamt of a life full of adventure and heroic deeds. When the storm of the century threatens Flounder Rock, will disaster strike? Will the lamp shine true? Will they run out of biscuits? Three Keepers is performed completely without words, using a blend of physical theatre, original music, inventive dance and slapstick comedy. Tickets are £8 and it lasts 55 minutes and could be a lovely holiday treat. lyric

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