Thomas Cain Christmas trees

Remember Tommy Cain who sold us fruit and Christmas trees on the corner of Portobello and Elgin Crescent for years and years? He had pitch number 52, which he sold fruit and trees from for 52 years. Cains have sold goods on Portobello since 1905. Well, now his son Thomas (pic above), at the moment on a practical year out from a business management degree at Brighton University, has taken over his late father’s business. He was planning to sell the trees in the market: “I tried to get a pitch this year, they said no, so I am operating out of my mother’s back garden,” says the plucky entrepreneur. “Next year I’ll definitely be looking for a pitch.” A stall on the market is £200 a week, so at least he’s saving that and passing on the reduction to the customer. Cain’s trees are £10 a foot, plus £5 for a stand, making the average pine-smelling bushy tree £55. Plus he will deliver locally free. Just like his father. Kind, friendly and handsome like his father too.  Call him on 07581 427279 and your tree will arrive at your door, or you can order through his website … tfcain

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