The One Day of the Year

I popped into the Finborough Theatre (Earl’s Court way – very close by) last night to see the play The One Day of the Year by Alan Seymour, apparently an Australian classic. I was overwhelmed within the first half an hour by the quality of the play which touches on a myriad of moving and pertinent themes and also by the high standard of the performers. It would be hard to say which character I loved the most as they were all topper – a sign of a great production. If you have the time please go and see this play it is completely ace. If I was able to tweak a tiny bit I would delete the additional line or two in the final moments as you miss the original end of the play and there are some photo montages which I and my theatre friend thought were unnecessary, you see the play is so good it really needs no embellishments to help it along. Sit in the second row as there is a bit of theatrical spitting. Five stars from me and Clara (my theatre plus one). On to the 13th June and tickets are around £20 – a bargain for this level of theatre. finboroughtheatre

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