Nucleo Project: bringing music to Notting Hill children

Congratulations to Lucy Maguire, founder and director of The Nucleo Project, who has been nominated to be one of 67 Change Makers, whose actions to make the world a better place. Her musical work with Notting Hill children will be celebrated at Southbank Centre for the opening weekend of the Festival of Love this weekend 6th-7th June.

The Nucleo Project is a community development project that uses music and participation in group music activities, so it uses an orchestra to bring people and the community together. It’s partly about musical progress, musical excellence, and the children learning to play the instruments, and also about all the group and social skills which are so important. The little children, 2-4 years, are learning to take turns, learning to listen, learning to follow instructions and work together in a group. The skills get more comlicated as they get older and they are working in an orchestra. It is based on El Systema which is a Venezuelan system of music education that’s been going since the 70s and has taught hundreds and thousands of children.

David Benson, head of Kensington Aldridge Academy, has given The Nucleo Project studio space at the academy for the rest of the school year. Maguire says: “We are so grateful to KAA for all their generosity in housing us for the past several months; in their own first year of opening they have gone far beyond the call of duty in their efforts to support our project, receiving two hundred additional children into the building every day for Nucleo rehearsals, housing our ever-growing orchestras without charging us a penny. This is no laughing matter, we’re talking about twelve double basses!”

Maguire, still in her early 20s, is violinist who graduated from Kings College and started The Nucleo Project in her parents Notting Hill basement. She works in Venezuela with Systma so she has first hand experience of the method and Nucleo now has 200 children and a sysmphony. The youngest class is for 2-4 years old on violin, the others have to go to four classes a week, and the oldest children are 16. It is completely free, including instruments. You can donate here justgiving and for inspiration see here … TheNucleoProject if you want your child to join contact sistemaengland

Southbank Centre’s Festival of Love is inspired by Nelson Mandela’s 67 years of public service and his commitment to making the world a better place for others.) 200+ children from The Nucleo Project will perform on Sunday 7th June from 3.30pm – 4pm at The Clore Ballroom in the Royal Festival Hall, in recognition of Lucy Maguire’s work. It’s free, but seating is limited. More about it here … southbankcentre

Also, The Nucleo Project is looking for a permanent space from September, so if anyone has any ideas please contact them.

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