The Little Yellow Door

Ok I am going to pop in and check out the Little Yellow Door. But this is too exciting to not mention right now. Look for the Little Yellow Door on Notting Hill Gate and behind it there is a bar, restaurant and hang out spot all based on a fictional flat share. Cushions, armchairs, art and films give it a laid back house party feel. Every night there is a bit of do. Wednesday you can join in a kitchen supper and cocktails, Thursday is warm up night (obvs warming up for the weekend), Friday eat, meet drink and play and Saturday… well you can only imagine with a headline of ‘Our Saturday House Parties’. With delicious food and imaginative drinks this is the pop up of all pop ups and it is here at 68 Notting Hill Gate. Thanks AJ for alerting NHPost to its existance. Lol. thelittleyellowdoor

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