The importance of being weighty

Here is another trick from the psychology field of embodied cognition, which studies the effects of the mind on the body and vice versa.

As human beings we assign physical characteristics to abstract concepts in order to better understand them and grasp them. And luckily researchers are willing to study this. Several studies have shown that the abstract concept of importance is grounded in bodily experiences of weight. Participants of a study were holding either a heavy or light clipboard while they gave judgments of importance. Holding a heavy clipboard increased judgment of monetary value compared to a holding a light clipboard. As much as weight makes people invest more physical effort when dealing with concrete objects, it also makes people invest more cognitive effort in dealing with abstract issues. Other studies have shown that we also judge a book by its weight and the heavier it is, the more important we assume it is. So how to apply this in every day life to be seen as more valuable and important? Think about getting heavier business cards or get a person you want to impress hold your heavy bag. infinism.

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