Strrrrrretching is good for you

The main reasons you continue to be stiff is not just because of the physical factors like prolonged sitting, lack of stretching/rolling and all those other things you should have done something about. I have seen enough people come to yoga-stretching classes 2 or more times a week for months without getting a single inch more flexible. And you want to know what they had in common (apart from being stiff)? It was their rigid attitude to life, their holding onto the past, their need to be in control, their personality inflexibility and their stressful perceptions of their work & life. We are born into super flexible bodies and then life happens.

Or is it our interpretation of life and our feelings and attitudes that are the culprit? If our thoughts and feelings can change the shape of water molecules (Masuru Emoto) and we are mostly water, imagine the impact of harboring negative emotions for too long in your body. All tension whether it comes from physical and emotional places gets stored in the fascia if not dealt with.

Psychological flexibility (yes it is a real scientific term and a popular topic these days) is “the ability to contact the present moment more fully as a conscious human being, and to change or persist in behavior when doing so serves valued ends” (Hayes et al. 2006). Improving psychological flexibility has been shown to help chronic pain, depression, anxiety, work stress and performance. My theory, which I am testing, is that psychological flexibility translates into physical flexibility.

What is more valuable to many of you than doing repetitive boring stretches that don’t give you results (if they do carry on but include this), is cultivating psychological flexibility. This means living fully and consciously in contact with the present moment, to modify one’s behaviour and be willing to experience undesirable thoughts and feelings in service of one’s goals. Ask yourself where in your life you are not letting go. In which situations are you being inflexible?

If I was to summarise this whole article in 8 words: Deal with your issues and get flexible tissues. infinism

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