Emergency Service

IMG_2947aYour child or old dad has fallen down the stairs and is unconscious at the bottom, what do you do? Panic. Not after a three hour session with St John’s Ambulance. Neil, our trainer, went through almost every eventuality, from strokes, heart attacks, choking, burns, cuts small and large, CPR and drowning. It was reassuring to be reminded of the things I knew and a relief to relearn the very vital skills I had completely forgotten – CPR being the most important. Alarming statistics show that the survival rate for patients, if CPR is delivered immediately, is raised substantially and we wondered why it is not routinely taught in schools. Perhaps it is? Apparently almost anywhere in the world the number 112 will get you through, free, to the local emergency services and CPR is best delivered while humming Another One Bites the Dust or Staying Alive – ah ah ah ah – that is roughly 100 beats per minute. Neil’s ‘primary survey’ taught us how to assess a body before we take action and enables you to deliver extremely important information to the emergency services. Anxiety levels were high during the three hours as we lurched from one casualty situation to the next but the net effect was to engender a feeling of confidence as we left knowing we could deal with most situations. Though, fingers crossed we don’t ever have to. If you are on the medically neurotic side (I score an A* for this) a three hour class for ten like minded souls costs £300, can be conducted in your living room and is well worth it. BTW St John’s Ambulance is a charity and did you know it runs first aid quizzes? Am hyperventilating at the thought. wwwsja.org.u

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