Spirit of Christmas is here again

It is round the corner, not Christmas, just the spirit of. On from 2nd – 8th November in Olympia. One whole week of total Christmas emersion. Dive into the full sleigh bells ringing experience and hopefully dive out a few hours later with all your Christmas shopping done. Good for decorations, novel Chrimbo ideas and Stilton. Top tip – get there at 10am and leave at 12pm, do not stay any longer. If you see anything you like, buy it there and then, you will not go back – I promise, wear trainers and go alone, this is not one to do with a friend, he or she will slow you down and insist on a latte. There are better places to sip coffee and chat. Seriously. Warning: Do not even glance at your fellow shoppers – you are that person and it is not pretty. Tickets are about £19.50. spiritofchristmasfair

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