Don’t forget your Mojo tickets

images-7Hot theatre ticket (not in Notting Hill btw) this Autumn is Mojo, Jez Butterworth’s (wrote massive hit Jerusalem) first truly successful play. It is being revived at the Harold Pinter Theatre in October, which is apt and lovely as Pinter was a great influence on Butterworth. Mojo premiered at the Royal Court in 1995 and in 1997 it was released as a film featuring Pinter himself. Mojo is a black comedy set in a Soho joint, the Atlantic Club and centres around the gang that runs it, particularly the fortunes of Silver Johnny. A stellar cast is bringing this play to the West End including Ben Wishaw (Skyfall) and Rupert Gint (Harry Potter). Final sales pitch – it is going to be directed by Ian Rickson who directed the premier at the Royal Court 18 years ago. Book it. Last word if I was a bloke and a successful actor, I would really want to be in this – bit jealous actually. AMANDA

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