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An app has been developed to help young people look after their plants. How often have you gone to a nursery, bought some beautiful plants, a couple of packets of seeds with lovely photos on the cover and lugged them home and thought, what now? How are you going to look after your expensive climbing rose or wisteria and turn your garden into a lush oasis? The answer is with a new app for successfully growing your blooms, where you load up your plants and which then sends you monthly information on how to look after them. You can also contact one of 70 gardening experts to ask questions. Called Smart Plant, the app is also a tool for identifying your plants.

The app’s Notting Hill developer, George Williams (pic, top left with co-founder Angus Berners-Rankine) says: “We can provide more value if we are helping people every month. The largest gardening group in the UK is 50+ year old women who often know what they are doing, so we mainly have 25 – 35 year olds using the app.” In this digital age people are used to reaching for their phones for information. [Previous generations] would usually call their grandmother,” says Williams.

Downloading the app is free. It’s full of gorgeous photos and information. You also have two free credits, and then one a month and you can add three plants to your garden area and receive information on them. If you want more from the app you can buy more credits and for £35.99/year can add all the plants in your garden and have unlimited chats with the experts. “The really exciting bit is that we have just built a bar code scanner, so that if you go into a local nursery that is partnered with us you scan the code of, say, the rose you have just bought and it will be added to your garden list and simple information about it will be sent to you every month,” explains Williams. “Instructions may say to mulch, and many people don’t know what that is. So we are trying to help people with plants, but who aren’t necessarily experts.”

Williams is well-placed to be running a gardening site. He has a degree in biology and his uncle runs Burncoose Nurseries in Cornwall, part of the Caerhays estate with 140 acres of gardens. The gardens originated from the work of plant hunters in China at the start of the 20th century and Caerhays bred the very first x williamsii camellias and is today the home of a Plant Heritage National Collection of magnolias with over 600 species and named hybrids from around the world. Just saying, he knows quite a lot about planty things. While he was talking about the app and his fabulous gardening heritage, Williams also recommended a book, The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan. Think I’ll be reading that one.

At this exciting stage in their lifetime Williams and his team have just started their second fundraise. If you are interested please get in touch with him at [email protected]

Also, here’s a special Notting Hill Post reader offer of free premium membership for 3 months worth £9.99. Download the app …  smartplant … and scan the barcode below, there is an intro page about Notting Hill Post and then you have the option to sign up to the free trial.

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