Skype a downward dog

Having taught yoga in Notting Hill for over 20 years Ingrid Ballard has come up with the perfect solution for lazy people who have good intentions to practice yoga but maybe it rains, or perhaps they don’t have time and they never get round to it. Ballard has begun teaching live Skype yoga classes. “The beauty of it is they can just get up and do it in their pyjamas if they want to,” says Ingrid, who lives part-time on the Isle of Wight. Through Skype online she can watch her students positions and they can watch her, which makes the whole thing far more personal than a DVD. “Her lovely face pops up live on my laptop or iphone at 8am, and her soothing voice makes those stretches and breathing exercises bearable,” says yoga enthusiast Georgia Coleridge. “She has even persuaded me to do some meditation. And I feel so much happier and livelier for the rest of the day after the session”. As with all skype video calls, the quality of the connection varies. Sometimes it can be a bit fuzzy or noisy, but is usually fine. Skype yoga would suit anyone who has done a bit of yoga before and can remember vaguely what a downward dog is. At the moment Ingrid is charging £15 for individual lessons which last 45 minutes and include postures, breathing and meditation. There is a much cheaper group rate of £70 a month for unlimited classes at 6.45am and 8am Thursday -Saturday and on Mondays. Call 075333 44247 to book or mail [email protected]

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