Silent Saturdays

Sounds of high power drills and super saws, oh and those endless digging machines and shouty builders will be a thing of the past on Saturdays. We will be able snooze, have a cuppa, maybe even read the paper in peace. Or just sleep like a log (pic) for hours. This is thanks to the survey many of you lovely readers signed, backing the RBKC plan for a quieter and less stressful Notting Hill life.

Builders can do things like paint, very quietly, but noisy construction work will not be allowed on the weekend after RBKC agreed a new Code of Construction Practice which sets out best practice and standards. It recognises the importance of, and need for, building projects but will make sure disturbance to residents is kept to a minimum level. Following adoption of the new code generally ‘permitted hours’ for noisy works will no longer include any time on a Saturday. The code also introduces a further set of restricted hours for high impact activities such as demolition and concrete breaking. rbkc


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