New anti-mansion tax group

SHOUT or Stop Home Owners Unfair Tax is the name of a new west London campaign set up to oppose mansion tax.  SHOUT’s aim is to increase awareness of mansion tax and to lobby politicians who are advocating it to abandon it or reduce the impact on owner-occupiers. Many members of the group are calling for reforms to council tax instead. Founder Dr Harald Lipman and campaign members are keen to point out that the campaign has no political affiliation or agenda. At it’s first meeting last week people came from all over London and feelings were running high. One person at the meeting says: “Plenty of people were talking passionately how it would affect them.” Just to clarify, SHOUT says that as Ed Balls has stated that properties valued at between £2M-£3M will be charged £3,000 a year, it means that to reach his target of of £1.2Bn owners of properties over £3M will have to pay on average over £20,000 each. If your income is less than £42,000 you can delay paying until you sell your house or die. SHOUT also points out that many London properties affected are ordinary homes owned by families who have often lived in their houses for years, before the crazy house price explosion. Some are retired couples living on fixed incomes and some with huge mortgages and children to raise.  “It is these long term residents who provide stability and the solid foundations of our community,” says the group’s blurb. “If they are forced to move, and many will be, the area will be much the poorer and fall prey to short term speculators and foreign buy-to-leave investors.” A local SHOUT supporter says: “Notting Hill might turn out to be like lights-out Belgravia.” shoutunfairtax

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