Serpentine Pavilion open for pleasure

Offenbach-2014Radic-Pavilion_MG_7583This year’s Serpentine Pavilion is like a giant hug, a really good place to go to early when it is lovely and quiet and feel the curves envelop you. The entrance is a geometric gash in the side of a solid hollow cushion of a building by Chilean architect Smiljan Radić. This is the 14th pavilion and a homespun, bun-like affair that is really beautiful, especially at night when it’s transluscent fibreglass walls glow. Every Friday night there are going to be Park Nights, eight art, poetry, music, literature and film events. The first one, tonight, is Radić in conversation with Julia Peyton-Jones. Starts at 8pm and costs £7, click here for tickets from ticketweb Next week, Friday 11 July will be Ed Atkins’s Synonyms, ‘an evening of talks, readings, singing, screenings, performance, drinking, dreaming and thinking.’ You’ve got until 19th October to enjoy it. There’s a cafe inside, 10am-6pm. More of Radić’s work here …  serpentinegalleries

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