Frazzled by Ruby Wax

There is so much to look forward to in 2016 … Kicking off the new year on 7th January is the publication of Ruby Wax’s much anticipated new book called “A Mindfulness Guide to the Frazzled”. At last – Something to help us through January and beyond.
The word mindfulness is everywhere at the moment and Wax explains exactly what it means, how to do it and why it’s so important to live ‘in the moment’. The book includes a six week mindfulness course, which has been put together with the help of her Oxford university tutor, Professor Mark Williams – this includes mindful thinking, mindful movement, mindful eating. I’m guilty at not eating mindfully – unwrapping a chocolate bar and practically swallowing it hole without even looking at it let alone really tasting it.
I found Chapter 3 particularly interesting: “How Our Brains Work and the Science Behind Mindfulness”. We spend so much of our lives thinking about the future, worrying about the past and forgetting to notice the here and now.
The book is laced with humour and Wax’s own experiences – she is brilliant at making the complex subject of the brain easier to understand. The book has been well researched and there is a long list of references at the back including: Teenagers Translated by Janey Downshire and Naella Grew and Daniel Eagleman’s The Brain which we heard about at his talk at the Tabernacle before Christmas.
There is something for everyone in this book – parents, teenagers, teachers … and even if you aren’t one of those (I’m not), it’s one of those books I will go back to again and again as its such a good manual for mindful and healthier living. rubywax
Don’t forget you can see Wax perform Sane New World at the Arts Theatre in London’s West End Tuesday 19th January – Saturday 13th February,  £20 – £49.50, tickets at artstheatrewestend
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