Rhythm Studio Rock and Roll Boot Camp

A great way to take younger minds off Christmas and not to be utterly despondent and over it come the festive day, is to book them into the Rythmn Studio Rock and Roll Boot Camp. Appropriate for two age groups 8-11 and 12 years plus, which is kind of up to 18 really. Either do half a day of band session 10-12.30pm or stay all day (around 3pm-ish) and learn about production in the afternoon. Band sessions equal forming a band, performing covers of oldies and writing and performing new material.¬†Production sessions include composition, video-editing, remixing and DJ tuition. Younger students shoot and edit band videos, while older students get to grips with Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, turntables and modern DJ consoles. On the final day there is a ‘gig’ for all in a local pub. From Monday 15th – Friday 19th December – rock and roll.¬†therhythmstudio

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