Red Cross on Portobello

A British Red Cross shop is opening on the Portobello Road stocking all kinds of vintage high-end labels from Chanel to Prada. Berni Considine, area retail manager at the British Red Cross, says: “We have a really exciting selection of designer and vintage pieces that has been kindly donated by our sister high end designer store in Kensington and Chelsea along with some lovely quality donations from our supporters. This is a great opportunity to bag yourself a bargain to add to your wardrobe.”

If you would like a browse or volunteer, doors are officially opening on July 22nd and there will be 10% off on the day. British Red Cross has responded to disasters including the Ebola crisis, the devastating Nepal earthquake, the on-going conflict in Syria and Yemen and more recently the Europe Refugee Crisis appeal. The Red Cross has also been hard at work closer to home – for instance, teaching first aid, providing ambulance support and helping people get back on their feet after a stay in hospital. redcross.


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