Mother’s Day

UnknownHold the chocolates, Notting Hill Post asked some local mums what they really want for Mother’s day. I would Like…

A bunch of beautiful fresh flowers every week for a year. Or is that greedy? Caroline Gladstone (6 children)

Our ten year old twins to give me a foot massage, one foot each. Rachel Kelly (5 children)

Two hour massage with a friend. Julia Heath (3 children)

Breakfast in bed. Sunday papers on the sofa. Tea made for me all day. Afternoon nap. Taken out for supper by all kids. What I will get… Taxi-ing kids to football. Emma Freud (4 children)

A trip to Space NK with a blank cheque. Happy to follow with family lunch as long as everyone is being amenable, thoughtful and kind.
If not, jolly brunch at Graingers with mates please. Davina Grieg (3 children)

Breakfast in bed with my two children and made by my husband and including Aubaine’s new half croissant/doughnut confection with sugar and cinnamon for me and Nutella for the children. He would be wearing a pinny and calling me ma’am. A little rose from my garden on the tray. Hope I wasn’t supposed to ask for world peace. Dr Erika Brandt (2 children)

Breakfast in bed made by my boys. Jessica Zambeletti (2 children)

Simple – to spend a whole day in bed with a book. Eugenie Furniss (2 children)

Breakfast in bed – made by all the children to make up for the 5840 breakfasts, and still making. Louise Nason (4 children)

Peace on Earth. Valerie Montgomery (2 children)

A PA for a year. Poppy Adams (3 children)

Breakfast in a cafe with children then an hour of reflexology, then a facial, then a massage, then repeat and followed by a film or two with glass of red and bar of salted chocolate. Or a long flight anywhere in club class with the curvy beds and wine and movies, happy to come straight back. ME (3 children)

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