PTs need license to train in Holland Park – yep

From Saturday 1st October personal trainers using Holland Park will have to hold a license. BIG BROTHER. Reasons behind this are general wear and tear. Personal trainers apparently use trees to fix resistance bands to and benches are used for step ups and lunges and the damage is a problem. The council says this will ensure that all PTs have a proper qualification and are insured and it also stops the park being monopolised by personal trainers – never noticed this myself – can’t move for personal trainers? Now here’s my opinion I can see a small problem but in a world where obesity is becoming the number one killer surely anyone exercising with or without a trainer should be applauded from the rooftops of the Council building. More personal trainers, more fit people – come on don’t make it harder to keep fit. Btw get this, a license will be around £350 a year for holding between one and six sessions a week in the park. Here’s an idea to save the benches and trees how about investing in an outdoor gym for the PTs to use? Licence equals more paperwork and codswallop – we should be funding these guys to pop into local schools to train the next generation of personal trainers not penalising them. No I am totally against this. Sorry K&C. Next you will have to have licence to take the dog in the park or children – we don’t want the park overrun by them do we? Pensioners? They are slow and messy… I could go on. personaltrainers.

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