Print Room celebrates first year with a premier

To celebrate its first birthday The Print Room (excellent theatre on Hereford Road) is premiering Judgement Day a new adaptaion by Mike Poulton of Ibsen’s When We Dead Awaken. Set within a mythical Nordic landscape, the sculptor Rubek, while on holiday with his young wife, encounters his muse: a woman that he loved and left a lifetime ago. Over a series of heated encounters, the entire scroll of Rubek’s life is unrolled in Ibsen’s final – and most autobiographical – exploration of what it means to love and to be loved. Michael Pennington and Penny Downie are playing the leads,  with the truely lovely James Dacre directing.

In the new and amazing Bush Theatre – Pavlova varnished the loo walls, so please admire them – 66 Books, which has a week to go, had great praise heaped on it from the coven of London Critics. Next up from 16th November is The Kitchen Sink by Tom Wells, a comedy. Thank goodness we will need a bit of a laugh by then. Don’t forget if you want to go down in Bush history you can buy a seat.

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