This place we know at the Bush

Support This Place We Know at the Bush by joining the 144 Club. This Place We Know is an ambitious project which brings together a series of specially-commissioned short plays to be performed in borrowed spaces along the Uxbridge Road, one of the longest and most diverse roads in Europe and home to the Bush.

Discover stories of heartbreak, joy, loss and retribution in pubs, churches and karaoke bars. At times funny, mysterious and foreboding, each is an intimate tale woven into the fabric of the city by the hottest new writers.

Bush Locals get two £10 tickets per show. This Place We Know has a meeting and information point located at Shepherd’s Bush Boutique Hotel.

To Support the project you can join the Bush 144 Club, so named as the are 144 seats in the Bush Theatre, it costs £144 to join and there are only 144 spots available in the 144 Club. Tah dah.

Benefits include:
An invitation to the 144 Club party.
Your name in the original published play text.
Regular updates offering exclusive insights to the development of the show.
Opportunity to win exclusive behind the scenes access.
10% off tickets to other performances.
10% off drinks and food at our Café Bar.




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