Photography exhibition at the V&A

Here’s a great chance to see some incredible photographs by Paul Strand.  If you want to get a deeper understanding of this major figure in 20th century photography this is your moment. “There hasn’t been a Strand show for 40 years,” says Martin Barnes, senior curator of photographs for the V&A. “Strand expanded how we thought about fine art photography.” A lot of photographs today reflect his work, he has left a textbook of images that you can go back to if your are a photographer.

untitledSome of the most wonderful photographs are the ones taken in the 50s in the Hebrides. In 1954, Strand vistited the island of South Uist off the west coast of Scotland. He photographed a community there that he considered was the antithesis of the self-destructive modern world and all those years later (pic top)  are brother and sister John and Jean MacLellan, looking at the famous photo he took of them in 1954 when they were children. Another beauty is this view of horses on the beach (pic right). Gorgeous. vam