Pedlars General Store Cafe

launch10My new favourite place for avo on toast is the cafe at the back of Pedlars General Store on Talbot Road. Reasons are: I love the paint colours on the wall by the Little Green Company in three very pleasing toning shades of grey and greeny blue (pic). Next it is one of the only dog friendly cafes in the area, so you can pitch up with hound or pooch and no one will bat one. Also the coffee well this is a whole topic in itself to which I will return but it is EXCELLENT. Finally on your way out or in you can pick up a gift, card, very nice bag or one of the much discussed and covetable pencils. Really there is not much more you could want in a local cafe. Though there is more to mention. Balthazar bread and pastries are on sale several days a week, check out with the Pedlars team as it is a bit of a movable feast (brill pun) at the moment. Lisboa pastries wink at you from the counter under a bell jar and the cafe is very very comfy. Back to the coffee this is made by a rather fab company based in the east end (lost my note book so can’t tell you the name) you have to be trained in how to make it before they will let you purvey and they supply the machinery so you have every chance of getting it right. Pedlars staff take it ‘xtremely seriously and the coffee has to be the best I have tasted in the borough – perfect really. One more thing they get some lovely stuff from a lady round the corner, almond milk and green healthy stuff in pots (again notebook missing). One more thing if you haven’t booked for the Pedlars Good Life Festival in Wales (just) ten mins from Chester then it is not too late. On next weekend 20th-21st September, imagine cooking, singing, campfires and axe throwing and you have the gist. pedlars

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