One woman’s crusade to stop dog fouling

We all love our dogs, but we don’t love the sight of those nasty plastic pooh bags littering our leafy roads. Local journalist and artist Helen Kirwan-Taylor came up with a brilliant solution: a bespoke dog pooh bag disposal bin that is also a work of art. “ I thought to encourage people to put their bags in my bin rather than chuck them on the curb outside my house, I needed to catch their attention” she says. “There are so few bins in this area that people either have to carry their dog’s waste home in their pockets or walk all the way to Holland Park Avenue.” Kirwan-Taylor’s bin-attached to the inside of her front gate- contains the typed message: FEEL FREE TO USE. She disposes of the contents every morning herself. Residents are so delighted by the introduction of the “Art Dog Bin” (which matches the colour of the font door and depicts her own dog, a Cairn Terrier named Wilson) that they regularly leave presents such as bottles of wine, flowers and dog treats in gratitude. “I came home one day and a banker neighbour was jet washing my front steps,” she says. “He said it was the least he could do.”

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