Now you can Borrow my Doggy

Dog lovers this is one for you. You can now join Borrow my Doggy, a service which aims to put dog lovers in touch with dog owners. Idea is, dog lover, you don’t have time for a dog but adore them, so once week or more you can walk and play with Rex, Willie or Fido – you just pay a subs fee of £9.99 a year for the doggy contacts. Dog owner, you have a dog but need a bit of help, so you join, pay a subscription fee – £44.99 a year –  and meet a number of dog loving peops in your area that would die to have an hour or two or a day with your hound. Everyone is happy including the dog, who is liberated from the bored owner and given a day of love and walks. No money changes hands other than the subs fees. Everyone is vetted (little pun) and the dogs are all insured by third party insurance (check the website for details, this has a lot of doggy wordplay on it). Woof woof. borrowmydoggy

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