I Got You Babe for the summer

Dive into 60s West London with Mike Abbott’s book I Got You babe. I have a copy sitting on my desk and I haven’t yet had time to read the whole book but I want to flag it up now for anyone looking for a great summer read. Set in the mid sixties it follows the relationship of Mark and Lynda who have both been carried along on the tide of a post fifties sexual revolution. Both are keen to shake off the straight jacket of the past but as Mark falls for Lynda he finds his parents values run deeper than he thought. Expect lots of familiar places around this neighbourhood, a trip down a musical memory lane and a cracking story. You can buy I Got You Babe ( which I can’t say, I have sing) from the Notting Hill bookshop and Amazon for £8.99. Got-You-Babe-Mike-Abbott

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