Nottii hair under the Westway

ce790901843997bfa1c63d7e566a373aEnd of term, holidays, time for a haircut. Treat your kids to a do at Nottii Hill hair salon in the Portobello Green Arcade. Children can take their own dvd and sit in a choice of motor car; pink, red or blue. Shampoo is from the Original Sprout, which not only smells wonderful but has no parabens etc. Hair is trimmed to perfection by owner and Vidal Sassoon trained hairdresser Caroline Ferguson or Charly Willis. Biscuits are on hand for the reluctant visitor and a lolly is presented at the end of a successful snip. Adults are also catered for (there are normal seats, you don’t have to perch in a car) and you can pop in for a blow-dry which is £29 or you can buy a three-blow-deal for £75. This is such a completely jolly place, just give it a go. Oh and there is three quid off your first child’s haircut if you sign up when you get there or on-line beforehand or say Notting Hill Post. nottii

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