New theatre and cafe on Latimer

On Latimer Road W10 – unit 8 – you will find a new cafe and a blossoming theatre. Behind the industrial facade is an elegant eatery run by Finlay Logan ex-Good and Wright chef. Open from 8am to 5pm Monday and Tuesday and 8am to 11pm Wednesday to Friday (i.e. dinner) and 10-4pm on Saturday for brunch. Delicious small plates with lots of shellfish accompanied by smooth organic wines and cocktails. Behind the cafe is the wonderful theatre space which is currently used as a rehearsal venue. Walk towards immense reclaimed old Chateau doors which open onto a theatre black, whoosh that aside and tah dah a vast space opens up. Investment is needed for lights, seats, a new floor and dressing rooms all of which is underway and if you would like to support this great venture contact Peter Tate (pic), founder of the Playground [email protected] to join the imminent crowd funder for roughly £80,000. Tate bought the space in 1990s when it was a bus depot. He has slowly improved it, phase by phase, using it as a place to experiment and master classes with a collaborative group of theatre practitioners. The next phase means Tate  – an actor, writer and director – can realise his long term ambition of working on and showing the pieces to the public as the old bus depot transforms into a proper theatre. Plan A is that from September, when the renovation will be complete, to have nine in-house shows curated by Tate and the two associate artistic directors, each will take a season of three plays. Two or three outside companies will bring in pieces to support the in-house programme. Sundays will be instrumental concerts and a cinema club is planned with a film and perhaps a talk. A cultural hub. We can never have enough of this sort of stuff. With the Print Room, The Bush, the Gate, the Tabernacle and now the Playground Theatre all on our doorstep. How lucky we are. West End? Who needs it when the best ends up west. playground


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