The play's the thing

The Bush Theatre has just announced its new season of plays. It looks like a complete cracker and you can see two shows for the price of three (BOGOFF). The Herd by Rory Kinnear is much anticipated and is on in September. Tickets are already selling fast, seriously, so book now. Money the Game Show (left) is on now, written and directed by Clare Duffy. Two characters, Queenie and Casino are alternately, tortured hedge fund managers and then game show hosts attempting to explain the basics of hedge fund management. Performances are good tho’ the characters seem drawn from the 80s and towards the end it drags a bit, but overall a fun-fuelled night. Take lots of friends and be prepared to join in. Oh, and very nice costumes.

Flow at the Print Room is heaven. You arrive and are offered a bin liner to wear as there is a bit of water. A dance piece ensues with the whole audience comically fencing the stage head to toe in black plastic. The performance is beautiful with not a minute of boredom and just as you wondered why the bin liners were necessary the showers are turned on. Expect some hilarity and a lot of applause at the end – oh and watch where you place your handbag to avoid a soggy bottom. If you like dance get thee there.

A very reliable literary local has HIGHLY recommended Metamorphosis at The Lyric in Hammersmith. Kafka’s story of a travelling salesman who turns into a fly most likely strikes a new chord in these uncertain times. It was sold out but the run has been extended by a week and there are still some tickets. . AMANDA


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