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Infinism is a mind and body company in Notting Hill which offers mind and body assessment either in your home or on Cornwall Crescent. You can either have a 60 minute check for £148 which focusses on the physical or a 2 hour screen for £295 with includes looking at the mind as well. Established by Anna Hlasvsova, a physiotherapist and yoga teacher and who is currently researching a Phd in Psychology, Infinism takes an integrated approach to everything. If your back hurts where does the pain start, what has happened in your past and could your knee pain be related to your ribs? That kind of thing. I have never met anyone so committed to the work they are doing as Anna. She is truly passionate about helping her patients overcome their issues using all kinds of therapies from yoga, physiotherapy, acupuncture to fascia release. You would visit her if you have pain, feel depressed, want to optimise your performance or think something is not quite right; sleep, appetite, posture anything that is having an impact on your mind and body. Anna also does psychosomatic face analysis. I know I am desperate to have it done. She says you can read pain and illness in a your face and you can also change how you look. Anna’s main aim is to get you well but you would most likely have a series of bi-monthly appointments to treat any symptoms. She is a great listener and says that many practitioners don’t listen to patients who often instinctively know what they need. If I can’t find a pain I am booking in but defo trying the face screening – I am sure I have cheekbones and a chin in there somewhere. infinism.

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