Migration, an exhibition

Portobello’s Muse Gallery has a small but inspiring show exploring territory and charting boundaries in a material world. One piece is a snake of rock salt on the ground, the tidal part of the Thames to Teddington with salty water. Salt used to be one of the most valuable commodities. Roman’s were sometimes paid in salt and that’s where the word salary comes from. “It was important in culture, economics and health,” explains artist Ros Burgin (pic left).

untitled-2Another powerful piece is a Union Jack made out of two bespoke suits Burgin inherited from a solicitor relative. “It is exploring the state of our nation when the banking crisis struck, it questions ideas of power, how US banking has affected the UK.” The ties are silk, the suits wool, the shirts cotton, and the piece started to weave a story about the movement of good and trade. It is a beautiful piece.

Shuttlecocks on the floor (in pic, left) are repurposed from professional tournaments. Burgin explains: “They reference Marcel Duchamp’s found work. Art is full of used objects, borrowed metaphors and the used up nature of an object, this is taking that and saying something else with it.”

Ros Burgin – Migration, The Muse Gallery Portobello Road, now until 10th April. Open Thursday – Sunday, 12pm – 6pm. themuseat269

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