Michael Craig-Martin at Serpentine Gallery

Here’s a great show that opens this week, Michael Craig-Martin (pic) at the Serpentine Gallery with works which are about the turnover and obsolescence of technology. “It has been turning over with increasing speed,” says Craig-Martin, who started doing these drawings in 1978, with line drawings on gallery walls. “At the time I never once dreamt that this [drawing familiar objects] would give me a lifetime’s work. I do believe that if you persist long enough [with something] in art it becomes interesting. You don’t need to start with something interesting. That’s what happened with me.” Craig-Martin uses just 10 colours, all pure, to create images of mainly electrical objects, mobile phones, smoke detectors, . “I never do anything that’s not a mass produced object,” he says. Some of the early ones are objects grouped into still lifes, the latest ones single powerful objects in strong, saturated, lush colour. Craig-Martin wants each painting and the colour to give you a visceral moment, and he describes the colours as: “Quite aggressive. It’s intense.” At the Serpentine Gallery, now until 14th February, closed on Mondays. serpentinegalleries

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