Crowded Hive Mead launch

Tonight 23rd November there is a lunch and press party at Beach Blanket Babylon on Ledbury Road to say hello to a new brand of Mead called Crowded Hive. Described as an orange blossom and honey wine, it is grown in Dorking on the Denbies Wine Estate and is brewed by a fresh faced Alex Rice. Mmm nice for Christmas Eve

Mead, is apparently the world’s oldest alcoholic drink and the thirst for it is growing especially in the US. Crowded Hive’s first vintage is designed to be drunk on its own, as a spritzer and in cocktails like a martini and negroni as a substitute for Vermouth. It is fermented off-dry, oaked and made using only the world’s best Spanish orange blossom honey.

The result is a 12.5% honey wine that tastes of the Spanish landscape. It’s got a depth from the oaking but also a refreshing citrus lightness to it. A percentage of Crowed Hive’s profits will go to Friends of the Earth’s, Save the Bees Campaign. A perfect way to imbibe Crowded Hive on a festive eve is on its own or mulled with spiced apple juice. crowdedhive

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