Marvellous machines on Wormwood Scrubs

Last weekend’s sunny winter Sunday drew a large group of model aeroplane experts out to fly their creations on Wormwood Scrubs. Last weekend was particularly exciting as there is a new plane out, the VTOL. For you and me it means it has a vertical take-off and there two were on display. (Uri, pic above, with his VTOL). The variety of the planes is incredible, from a Bleriot type X1 monoplane, a model of the first plane to cross the Channel, flown by the Frenchman Louis Bleriot in 1909, to the latest in extreme stunt planes. Trevor has been flying his planes on Wormwood Scrubs for three years, but others like Keith have been flying planes here for 25 years.

dsc_9562Team Scrubs fly the latest in model planes. Phil (in pic on the left), George (middle) and Eloy (right) are members of the FPV or First Person View, racing club, along with photographer Glanandrea Traina. These four race with goggles, flying their drones or quadcopters at up to 60mph over a course they view in their headset while receiving a video feed from the drone, so they feel they are actually in the hurtling flying machine.

Others like Derek Medina, who in everyday life works as a butler,  flies a sophisticated ISOAR filming plane and has been coming here for 2 years. “I love filming and this plane is for filming,” he explains. He spends a lot of time precisely tweeking the mechanics the plane and flies it up using a video with an antenna to enjoy the scenery from a birds eye view.

One of the best things about this group, with all their different flying machines, is the genuine friendliness that people only have when they enjoy an activity in common. They have so much to discuss and the planes are changing all the time and it is a really absorbing sport. Trevor says I could start out with a VTOL. Think I might. fpv london

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  • Hi Mary -Lu Bakker my name is Uri and we met at the flying field, the picture that is in the Notting Hill Post is of me and not Trevor that made us all laugh. Many thanks Uri

  • It was nice to have lost weight in the photo, not sure about the face though, I didn’t think that was an improvement.

    Also It was the green Bleriot that was a model off the plane that flew the English channel for the first time, not the black Bi plane which is a 3D stunt plane. I guess the notes got confused.

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