We love Car Care of Kensington

A slow puncture stopped me in my tracks this week – here we go – go to jail do not collect £200 –  and anything you thought you might achieve today must be shelved as now you have to fix this. A nice neighbour said ‘don’t you go to Car Care of Kensington? They don’t rip you off’. Yeh right, this is Notting Hill the area that invented ‘I saw you coming’. Anyway I turned up with my slow puncture to an immaculate reception and super friendly staff – key and car were taken immediately, no fuss. An hour later they phoned me – yes I did have a slow puncture and it was all sorted. The bill was an unbelievable £24 and for that my tyre was fixed and my car was washed and vacuumed – it has never looked so clean, they even found my lost glove. You will find this car angel just opposite the last petrol station in Nottting Hill on St Mark’s Road, in the first ‘unit’ down the tiny mews. carcare1

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